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Before The Game
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Before The Game

Poem By Vasko Popa

Whether you believe or accept what I say,
I could care less.
I do not awakened with you on my mind...
In preparation for a contest.

I seek only to be me,
The best I can be.
And long before you chanced upon the scene,
Nothing about my perception of my life lived...
Will be altered by your indignities.

Hopefully something about this I share,
Will make taking care of your own business...
A focus of your priorities!
Since I have certainly placed my own agenda,
On the top of mine!

With none of it to waste on you...
Even if I had the time!
My hobby is production.
And making the effort,
With the seduction of it...
Look easy with every 'piece' released.

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