Even If My Heart Shall Break

Cold has lived here before,
When warmth was felt,
it lived here no more
Been awhile since I would begin to trust
and hell would fall upon us,
you've been needing attention
You never felt I've given

It might look rough for now
It will work itself out
familiar places smooths itself in time

Better days are to come when it's all done
You will see the storm was well worth the trouble
Change is the challenge every solid union face
When private spaces have been invaded

I should have had my suspicions
then I can make my decision.
Convince me on why you would
think I didn't love you,
I'll make it right,
every chance it takes.

Even if my heart would break,
tell me the truth
Even if my heart would break,
I will love you
let light shine
on the darkness
you feel inside
and i will love you,
even if my heart would break

if skies shall roar when deep in pain
let our hearts learn of ways to gain
understanding on where we've made mistakes
tell me your truth, even if my heart shall break

by Marcquiese Burrell

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