Our Own Emmanuel

come i'll make room for you
come come with me
i'll put you in room 101
it's well within your means
and you'd like it
with a view of the temple
to the west
and on the east
the river emmanuel
here's the key
make yourselves at home

there's a fireplace my love
i'll throw in the logs
and heat up the place
make you warm

i get up
move to the roaring fire
all warm and inviting
to the west the temple
to the east...

dear did he say
river emmanuel is
to the east
i see only trees and a barn

you're right my dear

let's go to the barn
there in the East
we'll have the river of life
dancing in your womb
floods us with peace and joy
our own Emmanuel

by mark nwagwu

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true love knot, I like it, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.
The rain waters the thoughts of the poet.
I was touchd by this poem