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Even Though
AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Even Though

Poem By Audrey Heller

Even though, you're far away, my
thoughts, are with you, everyday!
There isn't a moment, where I don't
wish you were still around, to make
me whole again. When I think back,
it was, so wonderful, then! I've really
never gotten over, the fact of losing
you! I had the hardest time adjusting,
but there wasn't anything, to help me
through. I cried everyday and every
night, it took a lot, out of me, but
somehow, I had, to win this fight! In
time, I settled down, a little bit more,
but you'll forever, live on in my mind,
as this, is how it will always be. And
every time, I close my eyes, you're
the first thing I see! To put it very
plainly, I lost you, but in a way, you'll
always be there. Now, I've finally, come
to grips with my emotions and as long
as I live, I'll care!

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Comments (7)

Charged with emotion it is a sweet love poem.Nice.
It is always hard to let go someone we love and care about. Nice poem Audrey.
very nice poem. Sometimes certain people leave behind an everlasting impression on our minds and hearts.
Im so sorry Audrey, I can feel your sorrow too.Be strong and focus dear.
interesting and wide. Good imagery and language applied!