There are days when you feel,
you’re on a beach on a deserted island
with no one to talk to,
no one answers your telephone calls,
just an answering machine at the other end,
and don’t you just hate talking to machines,
no individuality and no spirit there.
On the internet, someone is available,
but no one replies to you
and suddenly you get that feeling
you’ve been deserted by everyone.
Your emails are never answered
and you wonder what you’ve said.
No one wants to chat to you
for some reason or another.
You get to feel that you’re isolated
within your own little sphere
and really, there is no one out there.
Finally, you work yourself up
to thinking no one really cares
and you are just isolated
on a deserted island of your own
in the middle of nowhere.
You then begin to pray someone
will answer one of your calls
and drive the desolation away.

21 February 2011

by David Harris

Comments (7)

Charged with emotion it is a sweet love poem.Nice.
It is always hard to let go someone we love and care about. Nice poem Audrey.
very nice poem. Sometimes certain people leave behind an everlasting impression on our minds and hearts.
Im so sorry Audrey, I can feel your sorrow too.Be strong and focus dear.
interesting and wide. Good imagery and language applied!
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