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Even Time Will Give Up In The End
SP (9th December 1987 / London, England)

Even Time Will Give Up In The End

Nothing lasts forever,
Even time will give up in the end.
But we have to stick with our choices.
Wherever they might us send.
One together in
One fleeting moment.
One blink of the eye.
I send out my message.
With a stamp and a sigh.
I want to send out my love and have it received.
And live out the movie tales that they’ve made us believe.
Live out my life, safe from persecution,
Secluded from strife, forgive the world of its mistakes and seek no retribution.

Nothing lasts forever,
As broken hearts can tell.
Wounds heal and scars fade.
In misery it is impossible to dwell
Without madness sinking in.
I shake my shoulders and wash my hands.
I won’t let it drag me within.
You may have heard this before,
But when hell has lost its fury,
And heaven has lost its charm.
I will send out the jury,
And sit, sit, quiet and calm.

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