Even while I lay in the sun
I remembered Winter’s threat
and frozen tears.

Even so, that first evening
I was detached from the

Even when I turned from leaving
I dismissed the echoes
As too distant.

Even holes torn in my old coat
Which had let in the cold blasts
Were forgotten.

Even the cries in the night-time,
A warning of futures past,
I left unheard.

Even as the storms broke on us
And floods swept us away
Should I have run?

Even though I lost you out there
And friends called off the search
I sought you still.

Even then, as I gave up hope
You found me, gave us strength,
Saw our path home.

Even lying here exhausted,
Are we on the mainland
Or an island?

Apr 2001

by Don Pearson

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Love the double-meaning of the title -; and the question at the end line is the all important surprise ending. A very good piece. fondlly from Fay with a tenner for this.