Thorn In My Heart.

Oh heart of mine what to do.
Whom to believe.
Them or you?
Oh heart of mine why are you weak?
Why can't you stand?
Why can't you speak?
I asked for your help but you said never.
Oh heart of mine, I need you now.
More than ever.
I can't stand this thing called life.
Oh heart of mine, Where is my knife?
I just want to end it all and take my final bow.
But I can't do that can i?
not never, not now.
For I've made a promise to that boy.
Even if I'm just his toy.
I promised him my love is true.
Oh heart of mine,
where are you?

by Alee Bowman

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I Like this Bill, short and pointedly important. I feel the same. 10 from doing it all over again. Tai