HM (October 29,1979 / Portland Oregon)

Evening Blessings

She was petite and oh so delicate
Bald and sweet with the silliest toes!
I could respire all of her scent for hours
As she lay across me so precisely

Her hair is getting long now and her requests are so amusing!
She forms the most grammatical displays
The well formed words and correctly phrased sentences
explaining things she wants to me.

“Mommy can I have pony tails today? ”
“Please use the pink barrettes, I like them”
“Can I have my white shoes today? ”
“Give me an extra kiss before you go to work mommy? ”

Her tiny little voice so apparently clear making sure
that each aspiration is rewarded each task completed.

She is proud, at times a bit obstinate
I turned my head for a moment
but I never missed a thing.
I saw it all along and see it every day.
She’s no longer a baby
She’s this tiny person, a carbon copy of me.

Now she climbs in to our big high bed
With her favorite book in hand
“It’s time for my story Daddy, let me lay in your lap”
“Mommy snuggle with us, it’s almost time for bed”
Between our arms she’s warm and fragrant
from her evening bath
Lavender and powder, fresh linen and love
A hint of mint from those little white teeth.

She says the last few lines from her “best bedtime book”
Gives us both hugs and kisses and that “Come tuck me in look”
Soft little hands, one in each of ours
as we trot of to her room and she jumps into her bed
she loves her cozy blankets, says “Put them over my head”
“Mommy hug me tight, Daddy kiss my cheeks”
Sleep sweet princess and dream through the night
We will be here come morning light.

by Heather Milks

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