Evening Breeze

Poem By Paul Gerard Reed

When the evening breeze
Ruffled the leaves in the half-light
I felt the greatness in the air,
Just standing there;
The quietness absorbed all thoughts
And carried me away to another place
A place where everything was all right
With no need for night;
And in that moment I knew
That everything that had happened,
Or was going to be,
Was down to me, just me;
The breeze carried the sorrow away
Into the clouds that slid over the trees,
And left me alone

Comments about Evening Breeze

Well expressed thoughts and feelings. An insightful poem with beautiful rendition of words. Thanks for sharing.
Fantastic poem.well written Paul
, tranquil peace, calmness, aloneness as against loneliness....these are beautiful experience which lifts the soul up to God....... thank u dear poet. tony
The breeze carried the sorrow away Into the clouds that slid over the trees, Dew drops I see someone's tears in you. Such a lovely poem!
The imagery was really brilliant in this poem. Great poem! Congrats, and well deserved! ! 10+++

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4,9 out of 5
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