Evening Melody...

The night is dreary when you not near me.
The stars gain colder when you off afar.
The moon grew paler when I looked lately.
But your heart is chiller, for it beats no longer.
My Queen-Moon of the heart, my guiding Star,
You are my sweet memories from afar--
So sweet, so deep, it aches my heart, my soul,
For I cannot see you till I your sleep follow.
So, sleep deeply, sweet baby, sleep softly,
No man can now stir your eternal eve.
Dream, Darling, if you will--Rest, if you wish,
No man can now wake you from your eternal sleep.
And I myself shall wait here patiently
Till later life when love does mean Eternity.

by Chunlou Yung

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Oh, my dear brother (because you're chinese?) so I call you brother in the seas, your poetry work is found not bad at all, the gramma as first checked is perfectly correct, very nice with imagination and like a sonnet (because there are rhymes in the sentences.I like this like a sonnet, so offer you 10.