Evening Note 60

Good evening sweet dear
and may there be peace
in your heart for
I am always here.
I love you so much
now feel me so near,
holding you close
and giving you kisses.
Saying I love you Kira
you're my only woman.
May God bless you
and keep you warm
in his love.
I love you sweet woman
always I am by your side
hand in hand.
Close your eyes tightly
and see me smiling
feeling all of my love.
You are my Angel
and I'll never
make you face this
cold world all alone.

I'll be holding you
all through this eve,
just stroking your hair
and caressing your cheek,
while I lightly kiss you
and whisper in your ear
my sweet darling Kira
I love you so dear.
I am here with you
so full of love,
I'm waiting for you
with an open heart
and wide open arms.
Feel me always because
I am your man.
I love you sweet Kira
eternity is ours.

by Michael P. McParland

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