(July 19 1983 / )

Evening Note 92

Good evening to you my Angel so sweet
and I so truly pray that your day was great.
I sent you sweet kisses the whole time
with the biggest of hugs to give you
deep comfort and make you smile,
I thought of you and sent all of
my love and my strength to help
cheer you up and reassure you
I'm not leaving you babe.

I just wanted to say I love you babe
and I wish I could snuggle
with you as we spent time
through the whole evening and night
but know I am with you my arms wrapped
so tight and lovingly as I hold your hand,
be filled with peace because
I'll always be with you and right here for you,
never feel or have fear to reach out to me
because I truly love you more
than anything and will never ever
judge or reject you,
I am your Michael your faithful
best friend and partner.

So my sweet one feel all
of my love and have a great evening
knowing I'm reaching out to hold you
as I dream of you here,
I feel all of your love as well.
So just close your gorgeous sparkling eyes
and give me your shining smile
as you picture mine,
soon we will be with each other
and have all the time that there is.
I love you sweet lady you are so truly missed
because you are my Angel
and my diamond in the rough.

by Michael P. McParland

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