Very Interesting Sharing

Dear poets you share poems
Which are natural in drafting
The vision is more sharp
While you feel we too feel
God creates wonderful poem
This nature is very deep
Infinite poem you feel
While you write we see
On sharing we read poems
But natural laws are nice
Truth shines here more
Very interesting sharing is
While you give chance to read
We see this theme from deep
To write a review we wait
We count words more
Which dazzle nicely
Really God's poem says
Very interesting your sharing is.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (2)

Cloine, curled like the sleepy waters whtere the moonwaves start, Radiant, resplendently she gleams, Cloine dreams, Lips pressed against my heart.
Perhaps the greatest poet of the Harlem Renaissance; better than Langston Hughes, if not as accessible and joyful.