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Evening Star
DS (12/17/83 / Soeul, South Korea)

Evening Star

As I stare upon you, Evening Star
From the land where sorrows reign
I envy you, oh star of night
Who never has known pain
Star you shine with hope and peace,
For all the world to see.
Brightest of the stars tonight,
One wish might you grant me?

I do not wish for the magic
Of the Fairies' song
Its sweet true tune would not survive
Amid our mortal throng.

Nor do I wish to own the power
To rule the earth and sea,
For power only robs a man
Of Strength and dignity.

I do not wish to love a man
Or another's love obtain
For love upon this world of hate,
Can only end in pain.

I dare not wish for life eternal
To never age a day,
To live and watch my loved ones die
Is a price I cannot pay.

Star, shining in the heavens.
Light and life you share
This one wish I ask of you
Might I join you there?

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Comments (4)

twinkle twinkle little star
Very good...I like the structured rhyming style that you chose in this poem.
Very well written poem. To live without sorrow, very good wish.
What a wonderfully moving and sad poem. Thank you. H