Evening Star

Beloved of death and destruction
O, fearsome earthquake!
How terrible is your art!
Remarked the evening star,
From it’s misty covered chamber.

When I (earthquake) arose saw the dawn
And I sighed for thee!
When the light was clear and the dew was gone,
Noon laid heavy on the flowers and trees
The earth was a leisurely place to rest,
But like an unwelcome guest
I pondered alone and sighed for thee (evening star) .

Like a mate of death and destruction why you
Will attack soon, very soon-
Asked the evening star,
And then the dark!
Eternal sleep will be there for many,
I request you, the beloved of death,
Don’t use arms against earth.

The earthquake replied:
Ask them first,
Who made me fearsome and horrible?

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Roald Dahl


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