Getting Through

I know my heart is shattered into a million pieces
I know I've lost something valuable, precious and irreplaceable
I know there will be days when I will cry and break and hurt
But I know too that I am strong enough to get through this
My soul has cried many tears that have failed to heal my aching heart
My mind has screamed many thoughts that have failed to ease my inner pain
All thats left now is to rise up, be strong, sit with the loss and the pain and work through it
For the only way out is through - i can't jump over it or go around it - I have to go through it
I will come out on the other side a wiser, happier person
I will not sit and dwell on this loss and pain
I will grieve, it is necessary, but I will not focus all my attention on the pain
Instead I will focus my attention on getting through it, on looking forward at the bright lights ahead
The world cannot consist only of pain and misery, I refuse to believe that
I will find happiness and joy and cling to every little bit of it with all the strength I have
I will be whole and loved again

by Mandi Ducroq

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Planet Venus.. the so called ''Evening Star'' (but also the ''Morning Star'') .. has always been shining in poets' imagination.. and this pretty Longfellow's poem gives us a pleasant little time to share..
this poem is very beautiful