Skyline Tommy

He loves all games that good men play-
And plays them clean and straight-
But most the chase of foxes
With all its turns of fate.
When far behind him in the vale
Strings out our beaten hunt
With easy grace he keeps his place,
His rightful place, in front.
He always seems to lead us
Whate'er the pace may be-
‘ He's always on the skyline! '
As some one said to me.
‘Tis true his horses are the best,
‘Tis true he steals his start,
But none could hold a line so bold
Without a gallant heart.
So here's to Skyline Tommy,
The bravest of our guides!
In all the scattered counties
No finer horseman rides;
Not soon shall we, the laggards,
The cheering sight forget
Of Tommy high against the sky
In splendid silhouette!

by William Henry Ogilvie

Comments (44)

Simply beautiful! Enjoyed reading it.
needs a metaphor in it
And I turned away to thee, Proud Evening Star, In thy glory afar, And dearer thy beam shall be; nicely penned.
Whatever I read of Edger Allan Poe: the author, his poetry I have seen directly written by his heart
What a vision of ken to look at the distant fire than that lowly light to sing this high....wonderful- 10
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