VR (23 September 1994 / Bhutan)

'Evenings Do Come.'

Trees have gathered this evening to
see the sun descend behind the hills.
Often have I wondered, whether the trees sometimes felt it deep inside
the longing for the days end.
To be able to gaze once more
at the night sky display which during the day is
out of sight and reach,
blinded by the scorching suns rays
Their memories of the night display
slowly fades away until only they hold on to little of what remains.

Often have I got excited looking
at their bold outlines whether
in a moment they would spring up
from the earth deep and stretch their backs and shudder off their leaves.
Perhaps even play with the flight of birds returning home today.
Time and time again, days have come while nights have passed,
Yet the trees remain.

Its memories of the night display almost fading everyday, giving way to heat,
to exhaustion,to decay.
But evenings do come as does the flight of birds and the setting sun
and the starry night display,
Often have I wondered when will the trees come awake.

by Vivek Rai

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A good poem and nice photo. Like it: JITEN
Great poem about the memories of night..10 Rini