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Eventide Bliss
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Eventide Bliss

I lay my dreams on flower petals,
Dripping off the edges onto the steamy floor,
Summer is dancing on my glorious path,
Her heat is kissing the softness of my skin;
As peaceful sounds from birds surround
The day, joyous and beautiful,
Taking over the world.

I lay my hopes on a blade of grass
As the wind fiercely evokes itself,
Pushing off my every might into the
Wilderness of a deep forest.
Crisp and parched,
The leaves above sing with the melodies
Of the soothing breeze.

I lay my wishes in a straw basket,
Secured by butterflies,
Blue and red, encircling the air,
Kissing my thoughts as they spill from me.
A few moments later,
I am caught up with visions of you,
And I fall in love, all over again.

On this enchanting summer day.

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