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Eventide Rapture
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Eventide Rapture

Eventide rapture,
Lull me with the darkness of your beauty.
Cover my eyes with sparks from your delight,
Let the tranquility burn me within and
Flow over to the bottom of my feet.
Fill me up to the brim and let me
Subside upon your hands.
Swim over my skin on fall’s eve
And embrace me with a wistful smile.
Let the enchanted drops of you
Fall upon me,
Covering me with the glows of your passion
As a starlit reverie overtakes the peaceful sky,
Alluring, enhancing me with a million gleams.
Eventide’s rain,
Let your misty summer droplets soothe my skin,
Bathe me with your blissful silver splashes,
Encircle me with the warmth of your beauty.
Kiss me with the softness of you,
Put me in a daze as night is dancing
To the rhythms of you.

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