(January 8,1957 / Günzburg/Danube Germany)

Events That Make The Years Go Counted

Aeschylos, for one example,
was a famous dramatist in antique Greece,

at a time when humankind was adolescing,

his mind, like the high-flying minds of
a few others of contemporaries

of his young time,
sprouting youthfully spritely.

While these days we humans are all seen leaning on crutches of all kinds of

shapes, rather than
moving by our very own natural means:

on crutches, wheeling roundabout and without hoofs,

for the transportation,

on keypadded toyboxes, forestalling one's own mind power of telepathy,

for the telecommunicating,

having messages, tediously stalled out,

forklifted around through pied interface pipers

bent on exchanging looks of costly hertzian beams.

Whereas Mind's beams and God's star interfaces,

just free for the taking,

don't charge many of us any longer,

even it only meant to take a bit of a
more complex ride on the highways of

the global net of telepathy.

How wayward, we today think,
could have times been in antiquity, when almost all things

of general knowledge that we, today, take for granted,

had still been open for the speculations;
thanks Christ! there were no inquisitions yet in the name of a lord

And yet I believe the ancients were
intuitively cleverer than we are today.

Aeschylos was born in 525 BC.
But the number of the pre-Christian era years

is only a scientific projection,

counted out from our present standpoint in time.

Not that the ancient would have counted their years backward? ? !

What if we were to start counting our years backward now! ! ?

Hodieee! ! !

Once a genuine longing for a new point-blank year-zero Great Start of
new hope for paradisical times were
to eventually set in,

one could at the best
align it with a new year numbering:

And finally also take down this 2000-year-old crucified

soul of God's son,
for no more for Him always to have to ascend

painful wretched cross of a throne

spilled over and over with the blood of cleansed sins,

each time a member of mind in His

calls out to the self in God's mind.

Jesus, the open-armed godly preacher,
in the midst of his disciples,
naturally makes for
the most common idol image of him.

Once a year, on Good Friday,
were well enough to commemorate
the bloody crucifixion
followed by Jesus' ascension to heaven.

But another thing as important
for a new round of year counting:

New Year Zero will be the first year after the
general worldwide
abolishment of money,

wholly replaced by a system of panvoluntaristic flow of
'give and take'

practiced in perfect consensus

all over the world.

And Jesus Christ will be smiling ever more,

more than ever before,

not anymore having to wear that old worn-out crown of thorns
of the money world any more,

each time a remembering face looks up

in a prayerful mood to him.

And all psychotropic drugs - that great cheat of a monster problem of

today -

will be considerately dealt out

per individual user & stuff licences, from year new zero onwards,

through the very ones who now still heat up the years through their

modern inquisitions of private Mind.

Only then young Aeschylos will have won all of his dramas,

even such ones that he, in his early days,
not yet dreamt about.

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Erhard...stating again all over again...wipe out history...we have come a long way from those times when years were counted backwards...and i think they were more forward looking than us...as years go by we seem to be going back in time to a situation where we once again kill to live...eat raw flesh and each other...our minds have turned violent...and so have our dreams...and this makes me think-would it be just enough to start from zero? ...what about the mind-set that needs a renovation? ...however being an optimist, i firmly believe that an awakening is starting in us where we are questioning our methods of living...trying to get closer to nature by recognizing our greed and plunder...i hope good sense prevails and our exploits are replaced with nurturing attitudes...let us all wish each other the best of luck to see some change occur in our lifetime...beautiful theme well presented...so here's wishing you more forward looking thoughts and many more poems...love...nalini