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Poem By AHO Speaks


Before recorded time there was only the sun
Prior to the beginning there was an evil one.
Man came from out of the universal creator's desire
Before even the flame there was energy and fire.

Creation came prior to man's thought
Man is man but a God; he is definitely not
Man could survive without another
The vessel of earth's future is she; who is called; our 'Mother'

Evil waits on the opposite side to share and give
Children are humanities reason and purpose to live.
If the body and mind does not change and grow
Only yesterday's knowledge will the mind ever know.

Evil is alone and has no sisters or brothers
It exists b y attachment to the mind of another
Evil can and does exist but has no other human life
Relatives of prejudice, hate and fear; ususally used to incite.

It also holds not the keys to life and death
For it has no children and resides where there is no energy left
Beginnings have their time to arrive at a conclusive end
Hormones will never admit nor will you ever pretend,

The mind will always tell the body what to do
Funny nice feelings of the heart will just confuse you
Man's aggressive, possessive and violent traits and thought
For thousands of years it has amounted to naught

History has the record of his destructive acts
Not one of his gods have ever come back
Man's rulers were caesar of god and emperors divine
Images of cruelty in their very own time.

What is gone is gone and you can never bring back
Neither life nor death and that is a fact.
11-10-05 Aho Speaks

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