SSY ( / New York, NY)

Eventual Alteration

Big Island just off the stream
rouge and none conforming
showing deliberate disobedience
to its neighbors large weapon machine.

Sadly decomposing result,
as embargos authority
widens cracks as it deprives.

We the USA with
deliberate indifference
and eroding lies of truths omission
and accusations pale
when juxtaposed with abu Ghraib

Darning without assistance the
tattered fabric
of his fading dream
a bearded man grows old and ill,
while unrelenting neighbors
bask on the beaches of Miami
where everything’s for sale

Extinguished flame,
the smoldering ashes of his funeral palms
will soon be blowing
on the Bayamo wind
and out to sea.

Rescinded embargo will then come
a bankers dream.
Assimilation in the end.

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