MM (6/3/95 / Anonymous)

Ever Again

You will never know how much
You mean to me.
More than the sky,
More than the sea,
More than the air,
We so ungratefully breathe.
More than any guy,
I'll ever meet.

You'll always be the one,
I think about at night.
You'll always be the one,
I'll hold on to tight.
I promise I'll never let you go again,
And just be your friend.
Unless you want me to,
But I know you.
I know what you want.
It's what I want, too.

I wish we could be
Together forever.
For eternity.
Could we, maybe?
It's what I wish for,
Anytime I can.
You told me,
You wish the same.
I remember when we met.
It all started with a name.
Your name.
My life since then,
Has never and will never,
Be the same,
Ever again.

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