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Ever Been In Love? Horrible Isnt It?
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Ever Been In Love? Horrible Isnt It?

i wish that you COULD come back to me
i was so happy with you
you kept me safe
protecting me from basically nothing
but also from everything

i loved you
doesn't that mean something?
i loved being with you
seeing your face
the constant thought of you going through my mind

we used to always talk to each other
stayin up late
and when we could talk
we would start to text
sending hearts and smileys back and forth
and countless 'i love you's'
not wanting it to end
neither of us wanted to go

but i guess after a while you did

you wanted someone else
maybe some one prettier
or more athletic
or smarter
or something i wasnt
i still don't know what you wanted
i found out you liked someone else and it tore me apart
until i couldn't take it anymore
i wanted out
i didn't want to be embarresed
or have people pity me
it felt as if everyone seemed to know

i had to do something
we ended a couple days later
i always thought that maybe
just maybe
you would come back to me
but you never did.

It's been about six months now
since we broke up
i have a boyfriend
you have a girlfriend

but sometimes,
i still think of you
imagining what it would be like if we were still together
i guess im a little jealous of your girlfriend

i miss you
i miss talking to you
i miss seeing you

i think that you'll always be a part of me
one way or another
i don't even know why
whenever i see you
we start fighting
about the smallest things
after each fight
i shut myself in my room
turning up the music
so no one will hear me crying

i think im better off without you
i have a boyfriend i love
but i still think of you
wishing, dreaming of you
foolish dreams and wishes
things that i will never have
but i'll always want them

i'll always be wishing and dreaming.

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I know exactly what you mean...