Ever - Changing Man

Floating down to earth again,
like the leaf from autumn's tree,
from where I came, I go again,
as I leave to follow me.

Perhaps to rediscover me,
at very little cost,
to bring some love into my life,
that now is so long lost.

It's tragic how a circumstance,
or a simple twist of fate,
can change a man, and all he is,
and all that he creates.

The mind can keep no secrets,
and the heart cannot forget,
the pictures of the songs once heard,
when she and he first met.

The tarnished dreams of yesterday,
today, are not as real,
but, still to know the lonliness,
and the bitterness we feel.

I feel my flowers opening,
to once again receive,
to give this love to only one,
to once again believe.

An ever - changing man,
In an ever - changing world.

I used to love the taste of life,
today it's very bland,
the pictures fade...
then come again,
It is tough to understand.

The songs I carry with me,
sometimes brighten up my day,
and when a season comes to pass,
... those often light my way.

The music soothes the beast in me,
and the words provoke my thoughts,
at times I weigh, what I have gained,
with what it was I sought.

Although, there are no answers,
... at least none I can grasp,
I can see that life won't give to me,
everything I asked.

Nothing is eternal,
... everything must end,
the earth and sky will someday die,
as will you and I, ... my friend.

Nothing stays the same, I've learned,
when humans are involved,
problems once unsolvable - - -
yet... answers have evolved.

We all will do the best we can,
but, let's all understand,
that an ever - changing world,
makes an ever - changing man.

by Barry Van Allen

Comments (2)

This does flow like a lyric, Barry. The songs you carry with you, may have added to their number. (Have you heard, Changing Man by Paul Weller?) http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=C4BQXy94SGg
I used to love the taste of life.... I love that line! But...like everything...sometimes we all need to take a break from that which we cherish. Then, when again we taste it...it might seem...even sweeter! Hugs, Dee