MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Ever Felt Lost?

Ever felt lost desperate and sad
You felt to only cry
That you or the world was going mad
You wanted just to die

Have you thought about the consequence?
What happens when you’re gone?
If there was a way of recommence
And changing things you’ve done

There is a way a wondrous Way
A Way absolving fears
To live and never see decay
Beyond this world of tears

That Way for all is free today
A road to constant peace
One only needs to kneel and pray
For all life’s cares to cease

Of course there may be troubles yet
And scrapes for still a while
But soon when strong we’ll swift forget
What caused us so much bile

It may sound silly quite absurd
Perhaps a pack of lies
A fairy tale a story heard
Where no one ever dies

But someone’s paid the price my friend
Though many think it odd
Yet be as me and life won’t end
Through Christ The Lamb of God

There is a God! The Bible’s true
Have faith in Him and trust
Our Father has a place for you!
When all else turns to dust

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