Ever I Will...!

Princess of all angels, queen of my heart,
The one who told me that we r not worth apart;
Hidden in those streams a holy silence,
That’s how she drew to my heart so dense;

Remember those sparkling eyes that took me off ground,
Ever since then I see her all around;
Her smile is something which I cant describe,
I fall again & again in love-Not a surprise;

The world should see the way she shies,
Bet u spin like a madden kite;
Those cheesy lips I wish to taste, &
That mole by its side-God I ll for it even tonight;

Have u ever heard her whisper a word?
Well am the luckiest one to be overheard;
Caz she touched me thro her eyes,
Immobilized, My temperature goin high on the other side;

None of this is the reason for my love for her,
Neither do I know why do I love her;
Caz she s the one who made me feel,
Girl I love u and I ever will…!

by Arun Achudh

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