MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Ever Seen A Dragon?

Have you ever felt a dragon’s claw?
Or heard a serpent talk?
Have you ever seen the dead before?
Rise up again and walk?

If after thought, you answer no
Or think the question dumb!
The Truth my friend you need to know
To Christ you ought to come

All those who scoff, are dumb and blind
Like fools, they shake their head
The Lord, they have no wish to find
But man without, is dead!

Yet God is love, and love is true
And true; is Christ God’s Son
And through The Son, we’ve life anew
When all on earth is done

But sceptics still, are plagued with doubt
They ponder night and day
They’ll sometimes find; what life’s about
Yet lose it on the way

With Light; The Truth will come my friend
Of this, there is; no doubt
The way to bring the dragon’s end
Is just to turn about

Turn now my friend, to Christ and win
Repent; receive The Light
The serpent’s voice you hear within
Can rob you of your sight

God’s Lamb alone can set us free
In Christ, we learn to feel
We feel the claw and so can see
In Truth the dragon’s real…

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Very good poem, Michael... and a heartfelt plea... I tend to think of the serpent more as an enemy as the picture I have of dragons are the good ones in fairy tales...however, it definitely works for me through your eyes.... Yuri*