Ever Since

Poem By Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese

ever since we met behind the sheets of our eyes
in every breath I take in every step of the day
your presence lingers on the breast of my soul
and I feel the rhythm in my heart
making my legs wriggle in a graceful dance

in every dream of the night
your love stares at me
and with gentle smiles I hear you say
you’re the breeze in my dawn
the beam in my sunshine
and the colors in my rainbow

sometimes when I am lost among life’s pains
and I cling to the pillows I once dream on
my soul swims in the deep streams of thought
suddenly, your love opens like petals of a sunflower
clothing me with your warm and tender love
let me say it all, I’m blessed to be in love with you

ever since we met behind the sheets of our eyes
I have listened to your soft splendor voice
heard your laughs rise into starlit heaven
they give me the power to love again
today as I journey on the streets of love
you are the one whose love
not even death will take away from me

Comments about Ever Since

A masterpiece! Flawlessly delivered!
And I hope she stays near to your heart forever Padmore! A beautiful love poem. Thanks for expressing it. Smiling at you, Tai

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