Ever So Slow

I see you coming near
But I, blinded, do not see the fear
Embedded in your eyes
I hear not your cries

So quick and painful
How dreaded fearful
I am despite you holding me;
Trying to keep me still,
Shaking on until
At last you cry still on you knee

Holding what is left; my blood so moist
Dripping, stinking, soaking; you hoist
Me up despite my pain
Yet you know nothing will refrain
Your love for me. I must survive
Because you persistently strive

To not loose your only love.
You don’t dare to look above
In fear that I’ll be gone
Before you can see me along.

At last you lay me down,
Trying to keep back your frown
You urge me to stay with you,
But I know that there is only a few
Moments left before I go
With so much pain, ever so slow

You give me a kiss,
Trembling ever so much,
Afraid to loose touch,
Our hands bound together as fists
Our eyes are locked
All thoughts are lost

The sirens are loud and piercing
I’m slipping away, you’re cursing
The inevitable last breath I release
Though our love will never cease.

by Stephanie Guth

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