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Ever Within My Heart
RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Ever Within My Heart

A breath of air, a touch by your hand is all I will ever need.
A look from your eyes or a taste of your lips is all I could ever need.
Keeping these things ever within my heart,
To treasure them in full, is what makes it all worth keeping locked as one with my soul.

Glancing at your picture, one of the few that may be left,
Trying hard to remember that time can heal the rest.
Gazing up into the night staring out far away,
Catching all that I can and reaching so I can see...

Ever within my heart...
Ever within my soul...
Looking to find the answers that no one has yet told.

Stopping for a moment, reaching into myself.
Pulling and searching for laughter that died so long ago.

Ever within my heart...
Many things are there to be told.
I can go to them when I need them...
And close them when they grow old.

Ever within my heart...
Upon it I do pray...
And always keep in mind,
Happiness is always a heartbeat away.

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