in my modesty
I know glory,
only by its lack

I understand my
universe and everything within it
as only a ripple
destined to fade as I close my eyes

I heard the tree
that fell a hundred years ago

My hand feels life in the coarse bark
now covered in moss

though it fell
in a juxtaposition to all it knew as life
I know it for what it really is

I heard the fall…a mighty crack
and felt the ground tremble,
even if only as a passer by the next day

and I see its children now stand in silence,
never betraying their post
...looking down, paying homage
in a touching portrayal of duplicity

and beautiful truth of the everlasting

by Cee Bea

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Aloha Cee Bea... This post is the crack! Just before the tree fell... I know glory, only by its lack... You have given US the concise material we need to begin anew this quest for personal meaning in our daily thoughts... I have enjoyed my conscious wakeup call through your words... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.
beautiful truth of everlasting, thanks.
beautiful truth of everlasting, thanks.