Everlasting Love

I lay in my bed with visions of you passing thru my mind
Wondering where you were and if you were doing fine
I knew my time was drawing near and soon I’d leave this place
All the children had gathered round and occupied every space

I told our daughter she still acted just as you had in the past
And not to worry so much nothing was ever made to last
Everything was going to be ok she just simply had to be strong
It didn’t really matter what I said it all seemed to come out wrong

My son I had noticed had become a chip off the old shoulder
His comforting voice and his gentle touch he just seemed much older
He thought I didn’t notice as the tears fell down his face
He always thought that to be silly and felt it to be a disgrace

I explained to each one of them that I had had a very full life
I had found my lifetime soul mate and eventually made her my wife
We had spent our years together and watched you as you grew
We cherished every moment together until her time here was thru

I felt she had never really left me somehow in my own silly way
And I always knew we would once again be together someday
Watch over our grand children and teach them kindness and love
Always remember we’ll be watching and guiding them from above

Tears welled up in my eyes as I knew it wouldn’t be very long
I kissed you both good-bye one more time before I left you all alone
As I felt your presences surround me I knew you had came for me at last
As I took you by the hand, kissed your face smiled and simply passed

by Poison 9901

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