RH (01/14/90 / jamaica)

Everlasting Sorrow

I cry out like a slave being tortured
The pain is everlasting
The grave of my ancestors
Calls out my name
Struggles of life keep me down
That's why you see me wear this frown
It signifies my unhappiness
It justifies my sorrow
Its a warning sign to all
When they see me they see horror
I have been dragging my self
Through the dirt of lies and hate
Not knowing if the next day
I'll have food on my plate
The clothes on my back are old and torn
But they cover the wounds and scars
Of my skin
A reminder of what i've been through
And what is to come
I sing my song of freedom so
God may hear my cry
But God has turned away
And left me to fend in this dismay

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a treasure, this poem! so honest and fearless the whole world feeling your agony and wanting a way out for you for all the world but grace tumbles in even when blood fills the eyes more terrible than tears this, THIS the poem creating the poem eons of pain beyond mystery have been eased by the deed you have done then given to humanity