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Every Aspect Of Their Lives Has Been Colorized
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Every Aspect Of Their Lives Has Been Colorized

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Shot, maimed.
Dragged from behind trucks.
And swung randomly from trees.
That is the visual...
I get from 'those' people.
And with me it sticks.
From me it wont leave.

And I remember Katrina,
When these same people...
Were calling 'my' people refugees.
As if they weren't the immigrants...
On land their ancestors illegally stole.
From those who are native!
To instigate intimidation and disrespect.

And I've been told I carry an embitteredness.
I've been told by those I carry a chip on my shoulder,
That I should address.
I've been 'called' and told many things...
By those folks who will not confess,
If it wasn't for people of color...
They would find it difficult to feed themselves.
Or be able to protest,
Whatever those interests are...
They have to defend and protect.

Since every aspect of their lives has been colorized.
And maybe that's why their 'greatness'
IS apparently on the waning side!
And they walk around envious, insecure, unhappy and upset!
If it wasn't for those of color,
Their achievements would not have been their best.

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