Every Breath

I saw your body on the ground,
You didn’t move a muscle.
The leaves didn’t even blow in the wind,
They wouldn’t even rustle.

I was screaming for you to come back to me,
But you didn’t listen to a word.
You just laid there, silent,
I wonder if you’d heard?

I called an ambulance and they came right away,
But they couldn’t bring you back.
If it were up to me, and I wish it were,
I would have given you a smack!

I would have made you wake up,
And come right back down to earth.
If you were going to die this young,
I wonder, what was the point of your birth?

We had so much left to do,
I could hardly believe it.
If only it was someone else,
But it was you, that was hit.

I couldn’t bear to watch you go,
Because you were leaving me behind.
I stood and thought to myself,
What better friend could I find?

You were the best I could have hoped for,
And now you’ve gone to the other side.
Please let me come with you,
Let me run and hide!

I knelt down by your cold side,
And prayed for the Lord to treat you well.
I told him if he didn’t,
He deserved to be in hell.

I only want the best for you,
In life and in death.
So now I will always make sure,
I pray for you with every breath.

by Rachel Brewer

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