Every Breath That I Breathe

It has happened
Finally once again
My breath was caught
Which I could not contain

Every minute you’re on my mind
I can’t get rid of you
Or the words you say,
Or the things that you do

When we’re together
I don’t want to leave.
To say goodbye,
Is one thing I just can’t achieve?

You’re every movement
Makes me think of you more
And I count the seconds
That we are apart!

I long to be with you
To see your smile one more time
Then you tell me that you love me
Which by is just fine!

by Shelby Lanier

Comments (2)

True love is spoken and done...............you need both to indulge and the rest is history.keep up the good work Shelby.
i believe love is not spoken but done, by being there listening to you is love of it's finest. thanks.md.