Every Day

You make me want to scream.
You make me want to cry.
I hate that you can't see it,
But I feel as if I should die.
I feel like I'm not wanted,
Like I'm just a piece of trash.
I feel like you'd sell me out,
If it were a big enough wad of cash.
I'm so shocked you could do it,
Pretend for all this time.
Because it's really quite shocking,
When you listen to me whine.
You act like you still love me,
I'm sure it's just a hoax.
But maybe you won't hate me,
If I can manage to coax.
I think you just listen so you can tell me lies,
Because you know I'll believe you,
Even if you make me cry.
Sometimes I miss you,
I wish it weren't true,
But everything good in life,
Reminds me of you.
Sometimes I hate you,
We both know that's true,
Because sometimes the bad things in life,
Remind me of you.
You never seem to get it,
I wish you'd go away,
I hate the fact I love you,
And I think this every day.

by Felicity Paris

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An insightful depiction of distress in the bliss of love, well articulated and nice penned from the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Felicity. Please read my poem THE OBSESSIVE AGONY OF LUST.
Fantastic poem.Nice work