Every Day Is A New Day

Every day is a new day.
It can be started the same,
But nothing can be said the same way;
Nothing from the previous day
Should be held the same.
A clean slate,
A new form to draw, in a new way
A story to continue in a journal before you lay
Down in bed.
As each day
Fills with words
And hate and love and things in hiding
Things pile up
And you are caught in the sticky spider web of relationships.
Like papers on a desk,
Unless you work each day,
You are buried,
Each time the same way;
And you are drowning.
But then you take a breath
And another
And you live,
You work through it;
Paper by paper,
Sentence by sentence,
Word by word,
Until suddenly you see the light making its way
Onto your desk,
And its new day.

by lily reyes

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