Name Of The Festival Is Chaiti

Poem By Kumarmani Mahakul

Every day
Something new I learn.
Today it is
That fresh
Well-cultivated grass
Provides ALL the needs
Of the dairy cow
In ideally balanced
And readily
Assimilable form.
For this information
My thanks are due
To the Crown Chemical
Manure Co. Ltd.,
Now alas

Comments about Name Of The Festival Is Chaiti

Yes I reckon inside your head would be a good holiday! Moyaxx
My - I really did have a great laugh at this one Peter, excellent observation on your part. Sincerely Ernestine
I would like to get inside your head. You are a very funny man...besides being a good and creative poet. Manure company, indeed! Raynette
Peter, You are so clever! What a great idea too to write a poem every day about some piece of trivia you have learnt. Cool dude Kind regards Gyp's
i like the irony of that poem, too. made me smile! good work, peter! ulrike

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