I watched the black car pull up in front of my mother's house,
I watched the strangers walk up the drive,
I cocked my head as they knocked on the door,
My mother opened the door and gasped.
The soldiers handed her a letter and a sack,
I watched them walk away.
I wanted to ask my mom what was wrong,
Tears slid down her face.
I opened my mouth to speak but she was hurrying away,
to call my father.
I opened the sack and perred inside.
I froze with horror as I looked at the face inside,
I wanted to scream say it couldn't be.
My own tears splashed onto the ground,
my small vunerble ten year old body shaking.
No! I wanted to snarl.
I glared at the body, feeling meaningless hate fill my heart.
I hate you Max! I screamed.
I hate you for dying in a stupid war!
That's the power of man,
to live and die,
on a meaningless battlefield.

by Jinx Natta

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Comments (6)

Yes I reckon inside your head would be a good holiday! Moyaxx
My - I really did have a great laugh at this one Peter, excellent observation on your part. Sincerely Ernestine
I would like to get inside your head. You are a very funny man...besides being a good and creative poet. Manure company, indeed! Raynette
Peter, You are so clever! What a great idea too to write a poem every day about some piece of trivia you have learnt. Cool dude Kind regards Gyp's
i like the irony of that poem, too. made me smile! good work, peter! ulrike
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