Every Day

Poem By Vanessa Brown

Every day i wake up.
Every day i live my life.
Every day i see you,
But your heart pulsates with a beat true to someone else.

Every day you look at me, and my heart
Sings with a song true to you alone,
Yet you appear so nonchalant, with a mind
That none may penetrate.

Every day i wake up, and
Wallow in the quagmire of depression,
Knowing that you will never be mine,
Knowing that your heart will never beat in sync with mine,
Knowing that your lips will never trembling press to mine,
Knowing that your cold eyes will never turn
to molten lava when they gaze upon my face,
Knowing that i'll never be the passionate fire that burns feverishly inside you,
The flame of desire that consumes you and gnaws away at your insides.

To you, i'll never be any of these things.

Every day i wake up, and wonder why.

Comments about Every Day

Hi Ness, Ignore the t**ts at school, you've got a real talent! A 10 from me!
Well what can I say.. Most of people will experience the same thing, until they find some one that everyday they wake up is next to them, loving them like the other one never could. Take care HBH
From the heart, Ness - I like it. I'm curious as to who you were thinking of when you wrote it - anyone i know? P.S. There's such a thing as too much depression :)
welcome to the site..i enjoyed your poem..keep posting

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