Every Emotion

I have never felt so much at one time...
anger, sadness, love, jealousy.

emotions are filling me up
and they are mixing together
the sharpness of anger
the cold of sadness
the calming warmth of love
the raging fire of jealousy

I don't know what to make of this.

I'm trying to let the love take over
but it just won't happen
I'm trying to think of the wonderful things you said
but they're in the back of my mind

how many others are feeling like me,
overwhelmed and overpowered?
how many others will turn it into tears like me?
I hope that I'm not the only one

someone told me they love me today
and they felt it and they meant it
so is that supposed to make up for
everything that went wrong?

I think eventually I'll be alright
I think eventually I'll feel the love stronger
and put all else aside

but now I'm angry and sad and jealous

well at least someone loves me.

by Jade Leven

Comments (2)

Ya, People Rarely feel lots of emotions at the same time. I far as my picture of emotions, I loved a girl but never talked to her, now when I think of those moments, I just go on a ride of different emotions. Can u share Jade what exactly you were thinking while writing this poem :)
This poem is awesome! I really like your figurative language!