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Every Four Years
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Every Four Years

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Once upon a time,
Before corruption and crime...
Became a diseasing epidemic.
Leaving people indebted,
To credit this activity...
As a blind mindset to make,
Impressions on others...
Less 'fortunate' to find.
Humanity to respect it,
Had not been deceived...
To believe,
Acquiring a social status...
By being as crooked,
As one could be.
To prioritize as necessary.

Oh how the minds of people,
Today have changed.
More have become crazed.
And others have been,
Long deranged.
Yet one activity remains.
Leaving some to be heard,
Over the 'herd' of sleeping...
And unconscious sheep.

'Stop presenting yourself,
As a representative....
Of my well being.
Every four years to do it.
Then you disappear.
There is one true thing,
You have made very clear...
To my awakening ears.
Is your ability to take me,
For granted.
As much as I have...
Taken for granted my ability,
To keep believing...
Those of selfish misdeeds,
Will someday give up...
Their need to feed exclusive,

-Where do these folks,
Come from?
Everyone today should by now,
Injustices and disparities,
To fix with known inequalities
Are just performances.
You know...
Part of the show?
Where have you been?
Protesting our way of life?
Gee whiz!
What's different?
Haven't we been consistent...
Every four years? -

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