MZ (22 April,1978 / India)

Every Generation Blames The One Before

Every generation blames the one before
No! There frustration can’t compete to our soul
I know that I am the prisoner
To all my father have so far did
I know that I am the hostage
To all his folks, kith & kins
I wish I could break free
From these bonding chains
These haunt me like,
Like ghost of darknesses
Closet full of bones,
That they don’t close anymore
I wish I could live,
Live a life of my own
I want to create,
Create a world of mine own
A world that belong,
Belong to the things
I’ve so far longed
But I know somewhere deep,
Deep inside my soul
That I would be buried,
Buried deep down underground
My corpse shackled & chained,
Chained with these bonding chains.

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