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Every Girl
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Every Girl

Every girl has been hurt so bad in her life that it effects every decision she makes in the future.
Every girl has cried herself to sleep at night over a man she was positive she was in love with.
Every girl remembers that one guy who took everything from her first, including her heart.
Every girl has that one relationship that meant the most, but ended the worst.
The only difference between me and every other girl is all this happened to me in secret.
I fell in love with the worst kind of man.
A man that wanted me in private and acted like a stranger in public. The kind of man every little girls daddy warns them about.
He stole my heart and never gave me his.
He said what I wanted to hear and always pulled me back in when I was ready to let go.
He led me on for years and then out of no where it was over.
I was left with a broken heart and unanswered questions.
Nobody knew the pain I was going through.
Nobody knew how much I cried.
Years went by, I moved on, fell in love again and tried to forget the past.
I never shared my heartbreak with anyone.
Then I became like every other girl in the way that when I see him my heart hurts and my eyes will still well up with tears.
Like every other girl with that one certain guy, I will always love him.

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