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Every Good Girl Deserves Love (To Valerie)
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Every Good Girl Deserves Love (To Valerie)

Poem By Aram Stefanian

You see a gloomy ghost that rings a bell.
Its maiden name has slipped your memory,
Though you wonder if it is a creature from hell.
It speaks softly to you, ''Remember me, Valerie?
You buried me down in the valley of death.
Ghastly demons hold my soul captive, and I freak.
The shadow of my body still clings to Earth,
And the angels are too reluctant to do the trick.
Please, have a heart and send me back to heaven.''
''I am afraid I will never set you free, '' you say,
''Because of you up the wall have I been driven,
But I need love badly to stick around down my way.''

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a really 'interesting' poem.....thanks......