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Every Hoodie Has His Big Honk
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Every Hoodie Has His Big Honk

Poem By David Harris

New words pop up everyday
to add in the dictionary.
Now one of the later words is Hoodie
to go with the collection.
Now a Hoodie is someone
who looks a bit like a Monk.
However, what is the first thing that you see
when you spot one of them,
it is their trademark,
and I’m not talking about the hood,
I’m talking about their honk
that stretches out from within.
The bigger the honk,
the bigger the hood
to try to cover it.
Now Mick Jagger has his lips,
but a Hoodie always has his honk.
Everyone one is different,
just like a fingerprint,
even Scotland Yard have started
a new records department
and it is called the Honkers Records Office
with thousands of photographs of Honks
peering out from under hoods.
Soon your Passport photograph
will not be displaying a picture of you,
but just a picture of your honk.
Even the people at the Guinness Book of Records
have started a new section called
Honkers of the world.
The biggest honk is owned by
Eliza Shrinking Violet
with one all of 64 inches long.
Pinocchio came in second place.
He could be first next year
as his honk is still growing.

16 November 2007

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Now, now David, I am sure they don't all have big un's lol... It's funny every one kicks off about muslim woman wearing hoods, but there kids do just the same.. crazy old world my friend..10