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Every Inch Of Square Footage
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Every Inch Of Square Footage

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

'The new home you've built is awesome.
I like the way you've got it decorated.
Every room seems to have its own personality.
But the bathroom?
Why do the walls made of glass,
Have holes in them?
With 'private' painted in large letters?
Anything anyone does in it can be seen.'

That's a gift to myself.
To let everyone else,
If I so wish...
Know when I use it to smell up,
Every inch of square footage in here.
As a reminder.

'A reminder? '

You know how some folks can get?
Go to someone's home and become,
Indignant and disrespectful.
So if they should see me,
Use this room purposely to do my 'thing'...
They will know immediately,
Just 'who' made all of this happen.

'I THINK they will know.'

I don't want them 'thinking'.
I want them to come and go,
Completely without doubt.
And besides,
There are two other bathrooms...
They can use and lock doors to be secluded,
For their own creative moments to make.

'How thoughtful.'

No one is going to come in here to leave,
To plagiarize my efforts I've endeavored...
With claims made to say they assisted,
With my creations God has blessed me to make.
With it known after I smell up every inch of space.

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