EB (November 4,1949 / Roswell, New Mexico)

Every Life Is Sacred

We fight to save an unborn babe
while people starve, but that’s okay.
Quality of life, here on earth
not as sacred, as giving birth!
-but every life is sacred.

Orphanages in all nations,
children languish, lost and wasted
yet, we insist that every girl
bring every child into this world.
-cause every life is sacred.

The rich exploit the worthless poor
they want more profit, create more,
slaves to do all the hard labor,
while the rich relax and savor
all that life has to offer.
-and every life is sacred.

Uneducated poor are here
to serve and do as they are told,
don’t think, don’t speak, just do your job,
until your old, then you can’t work.
-but every life is sacred.

Sex education in our schools,
would only teach our kids to sin.
God’s rules forbid this knowledge then.
That’s church and state separation!
-and every life is sacred.

We punish those who dare question
others must be shown this lesson.
Send our youth to fight rich men’s wars.
Death approved by authority.
-but every life is sacred.

There are those who cannot fit in
fill our mental institutions.
or lock them away in our jails.
Some lives are spent in living hell.
-but every life is sacred.

Government owned by the wealthy.
Obey our God, obey our laws
be free, in this land of freedom.
Where is freedom without money?
-and every life is sacred.

Forget it all, with alcohol.
The hopeless lose their dreams and pain
with drugs, or sex, or other things
and this might be a jail, as well.
-but every life is sacred.

Prejudice does not exist here.
All belong to the human race.
Religions preach love, but practice
hate - if your gay, but that’s Okay.
-and every life is sacred.

There’s still a place to fit you in.
Life is fair and this is heaven.
Women are not being oppressed,
At least no more than all the rest.
-and every life is sacred.

A young man wins his manhood here,
girls are shamed with a child to rear.
Since punishment and oppression
not the message, not the lesson.
-and every life is sacred.

Equal rights, we do believe in
if punishment must be given
punish both the girl and the boy
take away their hope and their joy.
-cause every life is sacred.

Castrate the man responsible,
that will stop unwanted babies!
They both will have a memento
for a lifetime to remind them,
they failed God and committed sin.
-and every life is sacred.

by Emma Beverage

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Good points! Great poetry, I am impressed.